Your Questions About Animal Testing

Are there any non-animal testing alternatives?

Yes there are many non-animal methods approved and used today. Animals are replaced, either by methods that don’t involve animals at all or by those that use only the cells or tissues of animals. Many replacement alternatives involve these in vitro (“in glass”) techniques, where the studies are done with cells or tissues in culture. Other alternatives include silico methods replicating animals’ reactions through a computer program.

These methods are very useful for studies on particular types of tissue and help considerably to limit the number of animals used. However they are still not able to simulate an entire organism with all its cells, tissues and systems working together.

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  1. sarah says:

    It is disgraceful to test on animals.How would you like to be injected with strange chemicals that may very well kill you.These animals have done nothing wrong yet they are tortured cold-bloodedly.Animal testing should be banned in every ssingle part of the world.

    • edteam says:

      Sarah, thanks for sharing your point of view, it’s greatly appreciated. I just would like to make a point regarding animal welfare in labs. From what I’ve heard, EU law [] does a lot to protect the welfare of lab animals. For example I know the law requires that any pain or discomfort likely to be experienced by the animal is prevented or at least reduced to the minimum possible. This is done, for instance, by using pain killers, and by ensuring that those doing the research have all the necessary skills to perform procedures in a way that causes as little distress as possible. Also, any animal suffering severe pain or distress that cannot be alleviated must be euthanized immediately, regardless of whether the object of the research has been achieved or not. Moreover, I know the aspect of improving comfort of animals through “environmental enrichment” is also a requirement. For instance the use of better equipped cages and group housing whenever possible also reduces stress. It is part of international guidelines and is a mandatory part of the new EU legislation.
      Now, if you have more questions and concerns, please ask and I will endeavor to get an answer for you.

  2. Adela says:

    Animal testing is cruel you cannot kill inocent animals for your own sake 

  3. Adela says:

    i was disguested when i heard poor little creatures were being testing on  your chemicals what if you take for example a dog who is expecting babies how would you think she would feel not  to even see her little young ones before you grab an innocent animal think about their feelings not just for you creams you would  hate to be treated the same 



  4. Adela says:

    I agree sarah very much

  5. Hi Adela, thanks for commenting, I feel you're talking about cosmetics here. The objective of this platform is to cover animal research in medical research only but you can find out more about legislation covering cosmetics on the European commission page:

  6. Claire says:

    Testing is necessary in the medical research. Not in the cosmetic industry. Without the use of animal testing we are unable to offer people vaccines that can help sustain and prolong life. Without animal testing a vast majority of medical break throughs would have been unable to happen. I feel that with enough research we will eventually have cures for fatal diseases and other terminal illnesses.

  7. Hi Claire, Thank you for sharing your point of view on this platform, it's greatly appreciated. Have a nice day!

  8. Carl says:

    One day animal testing will be obsolete, that day is not here yet and it won't arrive for a long time. That said, as long as animal testing is needed everything must be done to minimize the suffering fo the animals.

  9. Mary says:

    I think healthy animals should not undergo surgeries and be forced to take drugs or to become ill. However, many animals are born with diseases or acquire them by living on the streets. I think animals that are already sick could be a source of study and could help humans research new medication, since humans share many diseases with them. 

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